An HR solution that nurtures employee and business growth.

EvergreenWorx Employees

About EvergreenWorx Employees

EvergreenWorx Employees is a cost-effective Human Capital Management (HCM) tool built on the Microsoft Power Platform and developed for human resource professionals. It provides a centralized, scalable environment for managing employee data and collaboration with remote or onsite staff. With the added benefit of Microsoft integrations, EvergreenWorx Employees provides a platform for streamlined HR tasks and improved process efficiency.

Key Features

  • Leave requests and approval
  • Performance review hub
  • Business document repository
  • Automated activity tracking
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Microsoft suite integration

Business Benefits

  • Builds detailed employee profiles to ensure state and federal compliance.
  • Activity tracking and automated reminders enforce leave request approvals and performance review dates.
  • Connected systems prevent data fragmentation, reduce entry errors, and save labor.
  • Gives employees visibility into job performance and leave approval process.
  • Creates a business information repository for employee education and improvement accessible to remote or hybrid staff.
  • Provides extensive reporting on employee activities and productivity to allow data-driven decision-making.

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