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When the stakes for customer service are that high, your IT and sales team need the best tools to ensure success and issue resolution.

EvergreenWorx Cases Pro is a CRM case management and support desk application. It enhances support, improves workflow efficiency, and gets service tickets closed faster.

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Excellent support, workflow efficiency, ticket management, and better productivity

Service desk management is critical to retaining your customers and building your services. Leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform, Cases Pro allows you to deliver the best customer service experience possible. Need to reduce resolution times, improve triaging processes, and streamline client communications? EvergreenWorx Cases Pro can do that.

Automated case routing

Make sure the right teams are working on the right tasks with automated case routing. Emails sent to your support inboxes will be immediately assigned to the right teams and business units.


Internal & External Prioritization

Focus your team’s efforts on the right projects with internal and external prioritization. Set customer severity to compare against your team’s workload to guarantee excellent service.

Business rules for multi-team support

Configure unique settings for each of your support teams, such as auto-replies, status updates, and case assignments.

Customize the app

Power Platform’s low-code technology makes tailoring the app simple.

Work timers for cases

Track billable and non-billable time worked on cases. Use the automatic timer to log for you, or manually enter hours worked.

Communication hub

Send emails to customers and internal notes to members of your support team with case timeline messaging.

Email templates

Send emails to customers and internal notes to members of your support team with case timeline messaging.

Make better decision with Business Intelligence

Easily transform data into actionable information with Power BI, the industry leader in data visualization.

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Case transparency

Keep stakeholders in the loop with internal notes and a full record of actions taken. Assign tasks and phone calls, track client requests, and store SLAs and other documents all in one place.

Improved productivity

Keep an eye on tasks from beginning to end. Ready-to-use data dashboards let your team check on finished jobs, unfinished ones, and how often tasks are reopened, for both individuals and groups.

Better prioritization

Support teams can resolve cases strategically by comparing customer priority against internal priorities. This way, customers needs are recorded and handled without sacraficing high priority triage cases.

Clear organization & processes

Divide support teams into their specialties. Establish clear support workflows for triaging cases. Automatically inform customers of changes to case status or case manager. Cases Pro makes standardizing customer service easy.


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