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The premier tool for the power distribution industry, created by the EvergreenWorx app suite developers

What is Joint Use 365?

Joint Use 365 is a utility pole joint use solution. Joint Use 365 can automate attachment requests, permitting, billing, contract management, and pole management processes.

What does Joint Use 365 do?

Joint Use 365 centralizes essential workflows and records, removing data siloes and duplicate data entry tasks. Because of its open REST API, it can integrate with GIS systems, ensuring pole location data is accurate and reducing the number of field reconciliations. Joint Use 365 also integrates with NJUNS, a utility pole attachments and transfers ticketing system. This enables third-party attachers to input attachment data without any effort by the utility.

Joint Use 365 simplifies and streamlines the workload of joint use staff by connecting existing data. It’s perfect for electric co-ops and publicly owned and privately held utilities.

" JU365 has a lot of potential and I’m excited to keep developing it.”

Jason, Joint Use Supervisor, Clark Public Utilities

"We are excited to have a single place that we can keep track of our permits!"

Caleb, Joint Use Analyst, Dixie Electric Membership Co.

“The fact that it’s 2022 and we’re the busiest we’ve ever been because of broadband funding… if we didn’t use this joint use software, we would be reaching out to start this up now, and we’d already be too late to the game.”

Michael, Joint Use Analyst, Dominion Energy Virginia 

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