A clear path to simplified contract lifecycle management

EvergreenWorx Contracts

About EvergreenWorx Contracts

EvergreenWorx Contracts is a holistic contract lifecycle management solution built on the Microsoft Power Platform, designed to detangle legal and procurement challenges. It consolidates your data, documents, and contract processes into automated workflows. It utilizes existing Microsoft investments to create a straightforward, synergistic environment to guide contracts from inception to maintenance.

Key Features

  • Automated Activity Tracking
  • Streamlined Workflows
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Customizable Approval Templates
  • Microsoft Integrations

Business Benefits:

  • Accelerate contract completion through automation, easing the burden of manual processes and potential obstacles.
  • Ensure deal success and reduce risk by ensuring essential task completion, remembering important dates, and responding to crucial communications.
  • Bring extra productivity and clarity to collaborative projects by tracking changes.
  • Give users clear insight into the contracting process and status.
  • Remove uncertainty from critical decision-making and encourage data-driven strategizing.

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