Introducing EvergreenWorx Maintenance Pro Edition

Nov 2, 2023 | Maintenance

A Complete CMMS With More Features Guaranteed to Reduce Costs

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest edition of the EvergreenWorx App Suite: Maintenance Pro. Maintenance Pro extends Maintenance Community Edition, giving users even more opportunities to streamline their asset management processes into one complete system. In this blog post, we’ll cover the newest features of Maintenance Pro while diving into the business benefits of our better-than-ever CMMS.

Work Orders

Templates to Reduce Errors

One of the main benefits of switching to a CMMS from paper or spreadsheet recording is access to digital records. In the Maintenance Community Edition, we introduced our easy-to-use work order and work request forms to standardize tasking while getting necessary information from your technicians. Now, we’re introducing Work Order Templates to completely digitize your maintenance workflow.

With digital templates, technicians can create work orders faster with fewer errors. Users can select templates that prefill certain fields. This ensures that the necessary parts or procedures for a type of work order are always included. This new feature can help your organization realize up to 40% improvement in time management, as well as a 7% decrease in missed or erroneous work orders.

Advanced Cost Tracking to Lower Materials Spend

It’s not unusual for companies to manage their asset library in one system while tracking expenses in another. This causes issues when labor, parts, or specialized services aren’t recorded correctly. It can lead to your business losing money or going over budget to compensate for missing materials. To combat this challenge, we’ve introduced the Work Order Cost Tracking Tab.

This tab allows users to quickly record labor, materials, and services with work orders. Estimated costs can be included alongside the actual costs for proper comparisons. By using cost tracking, companies can expect to save roughly 17% on material and labor.

Mapping to Optimize Site Visits and Truck Rolls

Processing Work Orders means dispatching your technicians. While it’s crucial to provide maintenance to your customers, it’s also important to remember that truck rolls can cost your business between $300-$1000 per trip. Having a lower truck roll rate and maximizing your on-site technician’s productivity is a must. Now, your business can use Work Order Mapping to get the most value out of truck rolls.

Maintenance Pro stores location data for all assets. With a few clicks, users can see every open, overdue, or closed work order on a single record or cluster map. This allows your team to strategize and prioritize your service territories, as well as stay on top of out-of-date tasks. Your teams can even create custom filters based on almost any data point they can think of, making site visits more effective than ever.

Custom Asset Properties to Store Important Data

A huge part of asset management is tracking the details and history. How often is the asset used? Are there any spare parts associated with it? These data points need to be readily accessible to properly use or plan maintenance around assets. But, as is often the case, certain assets require specific measurements that don’t fall into the standard fields.

For example, let’s say your asset library contains both laptops and work trucks. It’s important to know the locations of the laptops and trucks, when they were last serviced, and if your organization is holding spare parts for either. However, you’d also like to record the specifications of the laptop, such as its RAM capacity or CPU type. For the truck, you want its odometer reading to ensure it’s being maintained.

In a standard CMMS, you might have to leave these details in the “Notes” section and hope your technicians remember to check them. Perhaps you’d have to track them in another system entirely. But in Maintenance Pro, you can configure Custom Asset Properties for each asset. The Custom Properties allow users to record asset-specific characteristics and metrics. You can efficiently log changing measurements, such as odometer readings, or stable characteristics, like CPU type, to ensure your assets are kept in working order.

Preventive Maintenance for Maximum Reliability

Asset management has two widely recognized strategies: reactive and preventive. Reactive maintenance only occurs when something breaks. Preventive maintenance, however, is regularly scheduled maintenance designed to increase the lifespan of your assets. Studies show that organizations that use preventive planning can reduce unscheduled asset downtime by an average of 20.1%. That’s why we’ve introduced Preventive Maintenance Scheduling.

Maintenance Pro users can now create maintenance routines for any asset. These routines can be time-based, such as an asset needing a tune-up every 3 months, or usage-based, such as an asset needing service after operating for a certain length of time.

With Preventive Maintenance routines, your organization can sequence asset maintenance in an orderly manner, ensuring longer asset life, higher reliability, and less time and energy scrambling to fix issues that pop up.

Power Platform for Advanced CMMS Capabilities

Through its Power Platform architecture, users get the most value from Maintenance Pro (and other EvergreenWorx apps). Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code app development suite that is endlessly versatile. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it highly accessible to citizen developers. Power Platform “makers,” or functional consultants, make it possible for users with no coding experience to configure their systems to their specific needs. Plus, its baked-in functionalities give Maintenance Pro its mobile app capabilities, business intelligence dashboards, automated workflows, and thousands of integrations.

Experience EvergreenWorx Maintenance Pro Today

If you’re interested in trying an enterprise-level CMMS for a fraction of the price, try out Maintenance Pro today. It’s available for download or test drive on the Microsoft AppSource store. If you have any questions, please contact us today to schedule a demo.

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