Case Study: BECIS manages green energy with EvergreenWorx CMMS

Case Study: BECIS manages green energy with EvergreenWorx CMMS


BECIS is an Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) company that provides customers with energy and energy related services across eight countries in Asia. Under the EaaS model, BECIS builds, owns, and operates various renewable energy generation assets. This allows its customers to focus on their core businesses while implementing green energy solutions. With 200+ assets with useful lives of up to 20 years, BECIS turned to EvergreenWorx and Power Platform to deploy a scalable and adaptable asset management and operations platform. With this platform, BECIS can assure customers of the safe, high-quality, and efficient operation of the assets providing energy services.

BECIS, A Decarbonization Partner

BECIS stands at the forefront of the sustainability industry. Headquartered in Singapore, this Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) company provides clean energy to some of the largest and most recognized companies in the world, including Danone, Dole, Whirlpool, and Grohe. Many of these brands have made sustainability commitments, aiming to reduce carbon emissions significantly. With solar photovoltaic cells (PV), bioenergy steam plants, and other services, BECIS’ purpose is to become a trusted EaaS partner to these organizations while helping them achieve net zero carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency to create a sustainable future.

Asset Management on an International Scale

Under the EaaS model, BECIS builds, owns, and operates clean energy generation and energy-efficient assets. This allows its customers to avoid the upfront cost and ongoing maintenance of energy solutions and focus on their core business.

According to Eren Ergin, CEO of BECIS, “As an Energy-as-a-Service company, we are committed to serving our customers on a long-term basis, often up to 20 years.  Having a robust operations and maintenance platform is critical to ensuring the safety, longevity, and high performance of our assets. By digitizing our processes, we will have critical data at our fingertips to provide the analysis and continuous improvement needed to drive efficient operations.”

In selecting an operational software platform BECIS had several key objectives:

  1. Optimize Workflow: Many platforms have high licensing costs, making it expensive to have key stakeholders on the platform. These companies offer sub-optimal workarounds, with some users on the system and some using spreadsheets. With operations across eight countries and assets and personnel sometimes up to 800km apart, BECIS needed to ensure all users were working on the same platform to ensure process transparency, better communication, and efficient workflows.
  1. Ensure Adaptability: Many SaaS companies offer solutions that can handle simple asset management processes. However, requesting customizations can be cumbersome and expensive. BECIS needed a platform that could flexibly adapt to incorporate key processes with a strong emphasis on safety and quality.
  1. Maintain Data Control: With other SaaS platforms, integration or extraction of data can be cumbersome. Some platforms required upgrading to higher licensing tiers to have access to APIs. Data needed to be downloaded and then incorporated into other databases or spreadsheets manually. BECIS needed easy, flexible access to data, and a versatile API.
A comprehensive approach to Green Energy

The Solution: EvergreenWorx

BECIS ultimately selected EvergreenWorx, built with Microsoft Power Apps, to meet these key objectives. As an existing customer of Microsoft 365, BECIS saw several advantages:

  • Administration was simplified as user credentials are linked to their existing BECIS accounts.
  • The Power Apps low-code platform is highly accessible and versatile, allowing BECIS to customize elements of EvergreenWorx’s platform to suit its unique needs.
  • Dataverse allows for quick and seamless integration with BECIS’ existing customized Power Apps-based CRM and incorporating existing data.
  • Because the EvergreenWorx Operations bundle contains apps for asset maintenance, inventory management, procurement, and billing, BECIS was selecting a platform that would support its continued growth and evolution of processes and diverse compliance requirements.

BECIS has robust safety and quality processes. These include frequent audits that identify needed corrective or preventative actions. BECIS collects large quantities of data to conduct safety trending analysis. The safety and operations team quickly recognized the opportunity to integrate safety processes into EvergreenWorx. As such, BECIS will have a 360° asset view, with all its critical asset information in one place.

Illustration: 360° view providing comprehensive view of asset data

BECIS sees time savings with preventive maintenance

Time Savings and Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Upgrades

With 200+ complex assets, BECIS manages over 175,000 preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance, and administrative activities.

According to John Ku, Head of Asset Management, “With a flexible and scalable operations platform, we’ll have the agility we need to effectively manage our assets. Using the EvergreenWorx and Power Apps platform, we estimate we will adhere to 99.5% of scheduled preventative maintenance activities and reduce response and closure times of corrective maintenance work orders by at least 100% if not more. The process automation, workflow customizations, and integrations made possible by EvergreenWorx and Power Apps are astounding.

Time series data for BECIS

Microsoft Power Apps Increases Efficiencies for Green Energy

A final key benefit of using the EvergreenWorx platform with Power Apps functionalities is the full control of data. BECIS has its own in-house supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) platform, BEAT, which provides real-time monitoring of asset performance. It also serves as a record log for time-series data. Having full control of both platforms establishes the foundation for predictive and condition-based maintenance analysis, which will help BECIS ensure the longevity of its assets. By overlaying maintenance activities over a certain time series, BECIS can measure the effectiveness of its maintenance activities.

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